Scottie Dogs is a mobile dining venue serving the Greenville/Spartanburg area since 2015, specializing in gourmet hot dogs with Highlands flair. Our menu draws inspiration from the traditional pub fare of Scotland, fused with classic Southern comfort food and a dash of Latin American street cuisine. And it’s all dressed in a snazzy-looking kilt.

12088564_10205044922351274_1328300299152991725_nPictured: Pure hot dog awesomeness
Not Pictured: Pants

Whether a quick lunch during work, late at night with a few pints, or just as an impromptu snack, the humble hot dog is pretty much the perfect food, and we let you get creative with yours. We use only the best 100% beef franks, plus an arsenal of top-quality condiments and locally-sourced toppings to give you as much customization as your imagination has room for. Whether you like your dogs Coney Island, Carolina, Chicago, or Scottie Dog’s own “Highland-style,” with our homemade Highlander Chili and whiskey-braised Scotched Onions, we’re committed to providing the best street food experience in the Upstate!

Scottie Dogs is fully insured and licensed with the city of Greenville, SC, and is ready to provide for your festival, concert venue, employee lunch program, corporate event, or fund-raiser, and can provide custom catering solutions for any kind of special event you can think of! Check out our contacts page here to get more information.